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All charges include central heating and electricity, as well as full use of the car park, the foyer, the toilets and table and chairs.

Terms and conditions of venue hire are outlined in each of the two booking forms below.

Booking Forms

>> Voluntary Organisations & Charities

>> Private & Commercial

Booking Procedure

All enquiries regarding the booking of the James West Centre facilities should be made at the Hailsham Town Council Offices (Inglenook, Market Street), either in person (Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm) or by telephone (01323 841702) or email: enquiries@hailsham-tc.gov.uk.


Please print and complete the relevant Booking Form above (Voluntary Organisatios or Private & Commercial) and forward to Hailsham Town Council via the above contact details. If the booking is accepted, the form will be returned countersigned on behalf of the Council signifying confirmation of the booking.

Booking Deposit

A deposit willl be taken on bookings, dependiing on the type/frequency of usage. The deposit (or a proportion) is non-refundable if the hall or meeting room is left in an unclean state or there is any loss or damage to the premises or any equipment. In cases where the cost of any damage exceeds the deposit, the excess willl be charged to the hirer. The deposit amount varies on the type of event. The basic deposit amount is £50.00, however if your event involves the consumption of alcohol, the deposit will increase to £150.00.


*Peak: After 6pm Monday-Friday and all day Saturday | **Non-peak: Before 6pm Monday-Friday and all day Sunday

Table of fees for hire of the main hall and meeting rooms

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