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All members of the public have rights of access to all kinds of information held by local councils such as Hailsham Town Council under several pieces of legislation.

For information we hold about the James West Community Centre and the service it provides, you have a right of access to certain documents under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please contact Hailsham Town Council on 01323 841702 or by email for further information.

Information not on this Website

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this website, you can make a formal request for the information and/or documents you want by contacting Hailsham Town Council.

Restrictions on Information Usage

You are allowed to use any information obtained from this website for non-commercial purposes, such as research and news reporting.

The use of any information contained on this website for commercial gain or profit, unauthorised copying of information for the public or publication of any information without the express permission of Hailsham Town Council may be considered an infringement of copyright legislation. You do, however, have a right to ask us for consent to re-use any information that you have obtained from us.

Please contact us for permission to re-use any information you have downloaded from this website.

The James West Community Centre is ideally suited to the following activities and more: Social clubs and activities, sports and games, dancing and keep fit, parent and toddler groups, craft exhibits, short mat bowls, birthday parties, after-school and Saturday clubs, children's classes and clubs, family functions, seminars, quiz nights, fundraising events, barn dances, public consulation events, business meetings, conferecnes, training courses, martial arts training, yoga and pilates classes

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